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If you have ever painted spaces in your home, it’s likely you have painted an entire room only to step back, take a look around and hate it. I’ve been there once or twice and seriously contemplated burning my house to the ground versus repainting. At any given time, I am designing between 10-15 homes, which means lots of paint color picking. I have my tried and true colors, that I never get tired of. I also have colors that I’ve loved in the past but for one reason or another, I don’t use them as often. (You can reference my other paint posts: Paint Colors I’m Loving Lately White Paint and Popular Kids,  Pick the Perfect Neutral Paint

Cassie, the founder of Womanista, and I share a deep love for interiors. So we thought it would be a great idea to tag team a post on our paint colors that you can’t go wrong with. So let’s get to it!

my home5
Pure White (SW) This is my personal home color (pictured above). I used it because my trim was already Pure White and I’m a firm believer in the trim matching the walls, when white is used. Now that most of my home is this color, it has become a new favorite.
Outerspace (SW) This is one of my new “must use” dark colors. It is technically blue but picks up a little black and grey. Most recently, I have painted a client’s library bookcases,walls and trim in this color. As well as, the ceiling of a suite in the Tennessee Titan’s football stadium.
Caviar (SW) This is the color of my personal bedroom. You have to have guts to use this color. Unlike Urbane Bronze, which has grey and brown undertones, this is straight black. I am obsessed.
Accessible Beige (SW) This is really more of a beige than a grey but I think it is perfect and looks more fresh.
Sedate Grey (SW) This color has a khaki tone to it. Which I love because I am a little over the “grey” grey tones.
Side not: I still use some of the colors from my previous paint posts often. Here is that list: Urban Bronze (SW), White Dove (BM), Amazing Grey (SW), Simply White (BM), Hale Navy (BM)



Womanista’s selections

Cassie was deeply involved in the major renovation of her home and got a chance to pick her favorite paint colors. I have seen it for myself, her home is breathtaking. BREATH-TAKING. She is not done yet, as of this month, I am helping her convert a portion of her home into her personal Womanista office…more to come on that.

Best Paint Colors1

Her guest room is done in Manor House Gray by Farrow and Ball. Stunning space.

Best Paint Colors2

Ironically enough, a majority of Cassie’s home is done is Pure White (SW), same as mine. Her dining room, in person, is so glam and so pretty. No picture could do it justice.

Best Paint Colors3

She is trying to track down the name of this color. So check back to see if I have added it. For a similar look check out the Outerspace color, mentioned above.

So there it is, our updated paint list. Let us know which colors you try and we would love to see pictures on instagram (tag us.)

April and Cassie!



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