How To Get More Storage in a Small Space

I don’t know if it’s my recent cleanse or maybe my recent birthday, but I am also on a kick of getting organized. I would say that it’s highly possible that I have too much stuff, but I have been cleaning out and majorly re-organizing my space. This can call for a little creativity at times, especially in a small space. Thankfully I teamed up with World Market (which I love) to use baskets around my house as decor and storage. Here is how I am using them:


You guys know I am into making these green smoothies every morning. (Find the recipe here.) This is great for my health, not so good for my kitchen countertops. I was starting to have no where to actually use my kitchen because I had smoothie ingredients laid out on the counter top everyday. I love these wire baskets because I can see where all of my ingredients are and it keeps them confined in one place.

world market smoothie

I also use another one for my kitchen cleaning supplies to save cabinet space. Find the wire baskets here and kitchen supplies here and here.

world market cleaning product

2. Bathroom

My bathroom does not have very much cabinet space, so I got a bunch of white towels to keep it chic and rolled them into this pretty woven basket for storage. The look feels very French countryside to me. I’m loving it. Find these baskets here and my white towels here.

World Market towels

The lack of cabinet space also gives me no place to store extra toilet paper, so I used a smaller, dark basket to keep the extra toilet paper in reaching distance and out in the open so my guest can see it. Basket’s here!

world market TP

3. Bedroom

This may be my favorite use of my new baskets because I have a major issue with too many clothes. Especially jeans. Fashion is a huge part of my life so I decided to let my home decor speak to that and use the jeans in the basket as extra storage with a twist. I think having the denim out in the open is so cute and next to my all white bedding it really pops! Find this basket here.

World Market Feature

Find all the baskets I used below and click on the pictures to shop. Get creative with it! Some other ideas for storage might be blankets in your living room or DVR boxes and cables near your entertainment center to give it a cleaner look.

For more from World Market, click here.



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