Favorite 2016 Paint Colors

The painting process can be a real bitch nightmare. In the past I have told friends, “just paint it white.” That sounds simple, right? Nope, mainly because they usually get afraid that it will be too white and go for more of an ivory, that ends up being too yellow.

So, I have a few thoughts that might help or may make you more confused…it’s a toss up.

paint colors

(The whites are not represented well in the above photo.)

1. Just use Pure White and call it a day. Haha I am only halfway kidding. Seriously, if you follow my work you probably believe that I am a color hater. But really I just hate to over complicate things. Yes, there are times for a little wall color, a half painted room in a bright color, wallpaper, a painted ceiling… and I have used all of these techniques throughout the years. But I am charged with making people love their space for the long haul. Usually everyone that has used white in a majority of their space NEVER regrets it. I am all about a home having a personality, so bringing a space to life through lighting, textured linens, woods, wallpapers and the like is really the way to do it. People who want to add color and paint their living room yellow, well those people will regret that decision in less than a month… Promise.

2. I have narrowed my white paint favorites down to two. Pure white by Sherwin Williams and Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. The reason is because Pure White is very easy to mix with grey, taupe, white picture frames, colorful art…. really anything. For all of my clients who love a little ivory in their white, Alabaster is my go to. It’s a little softer than Pure White but still mixes well with a true white. For my own personal home I used Pure White, but I really do like both.

my home6

Pure White

paint colors1


3. Pink is making a huge comeback. Huge. Love and Happiness by Benjamin Moore is the best pink paint, in my opinion. Whether you want to use it for your little girl’s space or for your ladies lounge, I am a true fan. I also think it would be pretty as a cabinet color, or used in a laundry or powder room. If you have traditional vibes in your space, DO NOT use this color. Please Lord.

paint colors2

4. People always ask for navy. Whether they want to paint a piece of furniture or a small room, navy is still a go- to. Hale Navy was my favorite last year and that love has lasted.

paint colors3

5. I have not tried Enchanted Eve by Dunn Edwards but I keep seeing it on Pinterest and I can see a powder room in this color or kitchen cabinets in an all white kitchen.

paint colors


What’s your favorite?


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  1. My favorite Sherwin Williams paint color is Unique Gray! It is a gray with blueish, purpleish hues that isn’t too dark. I have almost every room in my condo painted this color. I also love Supreme Green which I painted my bathroom – it’s the perfect mint green! Thanks for your post.


    1. Oh gosh, this is my actual home and I got it from a lighting store in Nashville and now I can’t even remember the store. ha – April

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