Don’t ruin your home with bookshelves.

So I have developed a complete aversion to built-in white bookshelves. I. JUST CAN’T. You know the kind I’m talking about if you live in the south. They plank the fireplace, the are built in to every desk area and the door style is usually shaker style. Kill me now.

So I wrote that little negative blurb for all of you folks building a home. Tell your builder to just go ahead and take those fireplace flanking bookshelves out of his/her, probably his mind. Or, if you already have them change the hardware or order new unique doors to spruce them up.

So now is where I get to the part where I brag on unique bookshelves. I have been seeing some really amazing bookcase concepts around the web lately.



See what I mean.

So the first all white pic is much more affordable than the second. But, I had to post the second because it is BEYOND.

So with bookshelves on the brain I purchased these bookshelves from Crate and Barrel for a client because I needed an affordable option. They came in recently and look like a million bucks.




1. Throwing a bookshelf in a random place such as a dining room corner, behind or beside a tub in a bathroom, or beside your bed can really make a statement.

2. Keep them skinny when you’re on a budget. When you have large bookshelves it can be so costly to fill them. Precisely why I loved these skinny shelves. They have just enough space to display your beautiful things without having to go out and purchase non-meaningful filler material.

Here are a few of my favorite cb2 (the sister company to Crate and Barrel) bookcases.





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  1. I love those! But… I also love white built ins…especially shaker style I know you’re cringing right now!

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