Valentine’s Day for People Who Don’t LOVE Valentine’s Day, but LOVE, Love

So I have never really been in to Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I think it is commercialized and makes girls feel like they need a boyfriend or husband to make them feel loved with candies and roses and a candle lit dinner that is over priced.

I have decided that I am changing my attitude about it this year! Instead of being a grouch, I am going to use it to tell all the people in my life how much they are LOVED and try to send them a little hand written Valentine and embrace the red and pink for one day out of the year.

Here are some great Valentine’s Day looks that are not over-the-top. Any of these could be worn for a night out with your man, brunch with your girlfriends, or a night IN on your couch watching TV with a glass of wine…which is probably where I will be realistically.

Truthfully, any of these looks can even be worn on an occasion that is not even close to Valentine’s, but just because they are just that cute.


Get the Look:






Shop my look here, just click the pics below!

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