The Many Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

We here at Velvet’s Edge aren’t into the mushy-gush love fest that the commercial world has turned Valentine’s Day into. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a day to embrace and celebrate. We partnered with our favorite radio gal, Amy, from The Bobby Bones Show to bring to you all things Valentine. No matter if your Facebook relationship status reads single, dating or “it’s complicated,” we’ve got something here for you!

Here’s what Amy has to say:

So you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Big deal. Embrace it. I’m married, but I will be spending this VDAY like a single lady because my husband is deployed. Sooooo whether you’re legit without a man or you just happen to be away from your significant other, here are some ways for you to spend the day of love…

Have a LOW-KEY night with the girls. Watch a movie, put on your PJs, make some fun snacks, open a bottle of wine, share stories, laugh, do manis and pedis, put facial masks on, brush each other’s hair…. ok probably not that last one, but you get my point. A few of my favorite go-to girly movies for such a night are Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias and Dirty Dancing.

Check out Kelly’s “lounge wear” options below…..might as well feel cute and comfortable at your Girls Night In. Click on the pics to shop!

Do the FAMILY thing. Some people don’t spend as much time with their family as they wish they could. Valentine’s day is usually meant for starry-eyed love, but that doesn’t mean there’s not room for a little family love. So, make a big dinner, bust out some games and get in some quality time with the kinfolk.

Go OUT of the house. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to plan a fun date with your significant other. You know, to remember why you really do love each other and just have fun together. I much prefer the “low-key night” suggestion above, but sometimes you just need to get all cute and go out!

See April’s Valentine’s Day suggestions below for outfit ideas for going out with your man or your girlfriends. Also, may I just add, check out ALL of the fashion posts here on Velvet’s Edge and you’ll certainly find something awesome to wear!

little red dress

Offer to BABYSIT for a friend. This may seem weird, but if you’re feeling down about being alone for Valentine’s Day…… the best thing you can do is do something nice for someone else and it will take the focus off of you. That being said, if you have a friend that has kids and a significant other, offer up your babysitting skills.

signaturesAND AMY.

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