Why Old Is Sometimes Better Than New

If you know me at all, you know how much I love vintage clothing. Vintage t-shirts are basically my uniform and I always love to throw in a vintage jacket or accessory to add something interesting to an otherwise boring outfit. If you are vintage adverse or even just a vintage virgin here is why it is so cool:

1. No one else will have it. Nothing I hate more than being accidental twinsies. How embarrassing. Am I right?

2. There is a story behind each piece. “Oh you got your boots at the Nordstrom sale yesterday? That’s cool. Mine are from the 1920’s, from a plantation in Georgia. They survived wars, a depression, lifetimes, etc. No big deal.” See what I mean?

3. Vintage clothes look cool, are worn in so they fit just right and are made well. These aren’t your crappy clothes that will fall apart after one wear. If they’ve lasted this long, they will probably survive quite a while longer.

4. Vintage shopping is like a game. It’s so exciting! When you find something that fits and is in your size it’s makes you feel like a winner!  And it makes the piece even more special because it fits you and won’t fit everyone. It really is a victory.

I was so happy to visit one of my favorite vintage spots today in Atlanta called the Clothing Warehouse. If you are in Atlanta, it is in the Little Five Points area and seriously always has amazing things and at great prices. Last time I went I got the most beautiful fur (sorry PETA) coat and coolest tee. This time I tore myself away from buying yet another leather jacket, but did find some boots that I am giddy about as well as a cute little crop top and a button down that is great. vintage-edit-2vintage-edit-1

I encourage every one to find the cool vintage shops near you! Every city has them. Here are some of my faves:

Nashville: Savant Vintage, Hip Zipper, Local Honey

Los Angeles: Chuck’s Vintage (expensive, but KILLER)

New York: I haven’t explored as much as I would like to, BUT the Urban Outfitters in Brooklyn (Williamsburg area) has an amazing vintage section with really great prices



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