New Year’s Eve Alternatives To A Dress

This is not a post about hating on the NYE dress. Although I do feel like the holiday brings out the same “sexy” tendencies in some folks that Halloween does (enter eye roll emoticon here). This is not a post about that either though. It is a post dressing cool and different and also staying warm. Both high priorities in my life. In fact, specifically at a New Year’s Eve Party, amongst a sea of tight dresses, the girl in amazing pants and badass shirt is definitely my kind of girl.

I put together this combination with New Year’s in mind. I was devastated (not dramatic at all) to find out that the shirt was currently out of stock, so I can’t link it for you guys. House of Harlow collaborated with Revolve recently and this shirt is from that line. I am however in love with the entire line and linked lots of other options from it below.

Here is what I paired together! Mix and match pieces below to make your own similar look!


Here are the links to everything I am wearing (minus the shirt) and lots of other options for you to make your own New Year’s Eve cool girl look!

Don’t forget to watch my NYE makeup tutorial here if you are in the market for a sparkly eye for the night!

And with that, I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I am taking the rest of the year to enjoy my family and gear up for 2017. See you all in January!!



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New Year’s Eve Makeup