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I have said it before, but I feel the need to re-communicate my job a lot here on VE. Probably because I do 800 different things, so it can be a bit confusing. First and foremost, I am a hair and makeup artist. I am freelance, so a lot of my jobs are in the music industry in Nashville. A lot of my clients in this world happen to be men and when I work for celebrity men who need haircuts, beard trims or maybe a little under eye concealer, that is called “Grooming”- like what you call it for a dog. Don’t know why, it just is. For some of these clients, I also do some wardrobe styling. I would call this a side job and I only do it for a few pre-existing hair and makeup clients, but I love it. Since I do the styling thing and also because I love writing about fashion here on VE, I am constantly shopping. You would be surprised, but the shopping in Nashville is just no bueno, so the majority of my shopping is online, which is helpful for blog purposes because it makes it easy to share with you guys!

Here are my top go-to places. I linked a few things that I’m drooling over on a few of them for you guys to shop and get a feel for their vibes!



REVOLVE – #1 go-to. This site is a mix of different designers and I feel like there buyer just nails the really important pieces. Lots of edgy, fun options. Mixed price ranges.



SHOP BOP– Another mix of different designers, but more higher end and conservative options.



ASOS and ZARA– Cute, trendy pieces at a lower price range. Both of these sites are great for the trendy pieces that will only last one season or affordable jean options. ASOS is also home to favorite low price pj sets!

For more ASOS, click here.
For more ZARA, click here.



BNKR– I have an obsession with Australian designers. It is very much my style and I feel like they create really interesting pieces. This site is a mix of all the different Australian designers I love.

Also, if shopping on multiple websites stresses you out, the Velvet’s Edge Shop Page is a one stop shop that makes it so easy. If you are ever in need of a quick wardrobe update or are shopping for a special occasion piece, it has everything. It’s literally my favorites, from every site and we update it almost daily. It can be easily accessed on the home page, under the ‘SHOP’ tab. Click here to start shopping now!

Vintage stores are also a must for me. I love mixing in atleast one vintage piece to really make an outfit special. Anyone can shop online or off the rack, but when you find something vintage that suits you, it will be the only one! I would say vintage shopping could definitely be considered my favorite hobby or activity for downtime or when I travel. I just find so much satisfaction in finding homes for each piece, even if they aren’t for me. If you are in Nashville or come to visit, Savant Vintage is my go to place. It’s pretty epic.

Hope this helps! Make sure to visit the VE Shop Page regularly for my picks of favorite items!

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