How Kelly Wore It: The Perfect Oversized Denim Jacket

So, lately I have become obsessed with finding deals on designer clothes. Let me re-phrase and say, I have a new “hobby.” Yes. That’s better. My new hobby is so fun. I love it. It’s also extremely fulfilling. For instance, the bag I am wearing with this outfit below was almost 70% off the original price. 70%! I found it, noticed how cute it was, saw the price, almost fell off my chair and then recouped and pressed purchase. Major success. I felt like I really accomplished something that day, something important.

All of that to say that most of the pieces of this outfit are under $100 each. Some under $50, *ahem*, the pants. All thanks to my new hobby. I’ll keep you guys posted on what else I find. For today, here’s how I wore it!







Find an extremely similar jacket for half the price here

Find hat here

Lip color is ‘Life’s Blood’


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