How To Make Any Outfit Pop

One of the tricks I use to up the game of any outfit is to add a metallic in. I was helping Amy, from the Bobby Bones Show, put together a quick look for an upcoming trip last night and it dawned on me that using metallics to add a cool factor to outfits is something I do often. She was trying on a basic white oxford and jeans and had them paired with a muted brown slide. Luckily the store had more shoe options and we found a metallic rose gold oxford that completely changed the whole look of the outfit (linked below). This is just one example of ways that I like to use metallics…It could be a purse, a shirt, bottoms, or even the full look. In my experience, it doesn’t matter where exactly it is in the outfit, it’s just adding the metallic in that matters.

Here are some of my current favorite pieces to add a pop of metallic into your look!

Top Half


Bottom Half


My Look

Truth be told…I love these pants, but the material is very fragile and tears easily. Mine ripped after one wear and I returned them because of it. I linked them here, but I also wanted to add some other gold pant options as well because these are made so poorly. Shop away!

Amy’s Look

Can’t wait to see how ya’ll style your looks with a pop of metallic!

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