Favorite Things: The Swim Suit Line I’m Wearing This Summer

I would say that finding a flattering swimsuit is probably top 5 for most women on hardest things to do each year. It can be grueling. While I’m certain that most of us are way to hard on ourselves, it definitely feels good when you find something you love and feel good in it. For me, I found that this year in a specific line of swimsuits and bodysuits by a local Nashville company called Kay & Elle.


Reasons I love Kay & Elle:

  1. Simple silhouettes. The female body is beautiful and I think simple silhouette that reflects that is key. Enough with all the frills, keep it simple.
  2. Mix & Match. Every female figure is different. Every single one. Kay & Elle has multiple shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for you.
  3. They have bodysuits too. Sexy ones at that. Again it’s all about pretty cuts to accentuate the beauty of our bodies.

Shop your own Kay & Elle here!

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