Exploring Your Own City & What To Do In Nashville This Week

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The perspective that comes with loss in life tends to make me hit the pause button — or even just stop sometimes. When I stop, it’s like all of a sudden there is so much more happening around me than I ever notice normally. There is an just an acute awareness that comes with grief. The way the wind hits your face, the way the birds sound, the way each step you take can feel like lifting a heavy weight.

After my grandfather’s funeral this past weekend, I’ve been challenging myself to be open to all that is around me this week. Soak it in. As much as I explore different cities with all of my travel, I tend to forget about exploring my own city and it’s amazingness. So this week, I am doing things to explore my city. From new workout classes to an art exhibit at the Frist. Nashville has so many thing to offer.

Things I recommend this week:

A class at Hot Yoga East. I took Rachel’s class this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is newer to that studio, but plays awesome music, challenges you both physically and emotionally and has a warm smile and great sense of humor. I left feeling tired in the best way, with a smile on my face.

I also recommend taking an afternoon and visiting the Irving Penn exhibit at the Frist. He was an iconic fashion photographer with amazing images of fashion and the famous. This is the first exhibit of his work since his death and it’s really great and getting amazing reviews. Click his name above for an overview and tease of some of the shots.

Lastly, been listening to this song all week on repeat —–> #NowPlaying Wild Love by Elle King.

And of course, here is my outfit from that day outside of the Frist, because it wouldn’t be Velvet’s Edge and I wouldn’t be me without linking to my look….mmmmkkkkkk (insert air snap here).

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PS- If you haven’t already, don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Denim Social THIS weekend, March 19th. It’s going to be ridiculously fun. Find tickets here.



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