Why You Should Be Using Organic Makeup

I try to be as conscious as I can about what I am putting into my body. The thing I don’t think about sometimes is what I’m putting on my body. Obviously, because of my job as a makeup artist, I try tons of different products. I do read labels, but mostly to see what ingredients are in each product to know how they will react to other products. It recently dawned on me that, (oh shit!), all of these chemicals I’m worrying about mixing together are also being absorbed into my skin. Enter Juice Beauty. I heard about this line because Gwenyth Paltrow is the Creative Director and I know she is huge on clean living.

This is the tag line that sold me:

“Why Juice Beauty? Instead of conventional beauty formulations that dilute with added water or use petroleum derivatives such as butylene or propylene glycols that can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals, Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice base and then add powerful skin care ingredients. Formulations packed with nutrients so every antioxidant-rich drop can feed your skin.”

I read that and said, thank you very much, Juice Beauty. Feed my skin now please.

So, here are some of my favorite Juice products. I used them to create a natural, everyday look that you guys can recreate for work or just daily life. I also included a tip to help make eyes look bigger since that was a question y’all asked a few weeks ago on Instagram!

Shop the products I used here:

April has also been loving Juice Beauty since she got pregnant and is very worried about all the toxins going into her body. Their Green Apple Pregnancy Peel has become her favorite skin brightening product to use while she carries little Everly. Find it here!


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