Trending In Beauty: Top Hair Colors For Fall

I love subtle changes to my hair color with the change of a season. I used to go through phases where I would do a drastic cut or color because I would wait too long to change anything and just get bored. Now, I much prefer the subtle changes throughout the year. It keeps it interesting and helps me avoid the freak outs from deciding I all of a sudden need thick bangs or blue hair.

There are a few new trends this season in hair color. Ombre’ has obviously been huge the past few years and seems to still be around a little bit. Personally, I’m a little bit over the look. I recently had a discussion with my hairstylist (Cali at Parlour & Juke) and she agreed that extreme ombre’ can look a little dated. My question was, without ombre’ what do I do???

We opted for a much more subtle ombre’. I still have highlights and my roots are still darker, the color difference is just less drastic. In fact, the new trend of subtle ombre’ even has a name: sombre’.

fall hair color 1

Here are some other fall hair color inspirations that I am loving. Micro highlights and techniques like Balayage (painted on highlights) are big for fall because of their sublte, naturally sun-kissed look. Other than a more subtle version of hightlights, Fall calls for warm hues for blondes, brunettes and redheads alike.

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