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So, I’m not sure I should admit this or not, but I, like the most other Americans, have a slight obsessions with the Kardasians’. Look, shit happens right? It’s hard NOT to become interested in them-they are everywhere! I mean really, from a makeup artist perspective, they are always on point. So basically it’s research y’all. Get off it.

As much as I respect the Kardashian’s beauty team, it’s becoming obvious that in order to stay on trend, they are going to have to tone it down. The overly contoured glam look is on it’s way out this season and the  the minimalist approach to makeup is majorly in. Think barely there, dewy, fresh faced beauty…especially with foundation.



Now, we girls know that sometimes looking natural and like you just rolled out of bed is actually a little trickier to accomplish than getting all glam. Here are some tips and products for achieving this look easily:

1. Think sheer.

Starting with foundation. To me this is the most important factor in the minimalist look. A sheer foundation will give you some coverage to even out your skin, but because it is sheer with still let skin shine through and make way for the dewy effect. Here are some of my top sheer foundation choices:

Side Note: I for one love a sheer foundation, but need a little more under eye coverage. When doing a minimalist look, you can still use concealer, just use is sparingly and only where you need it. I apply lightly under my eyes and on trouble spots before I put on my foundation. I have yet to find a concealer I like more than this long-lasting bad boy.

**Pro tip: If you are staring at your full bottle of matte foundation sitting on your counter, don’t fear, you can still get this look by adding moisturizer to the foundation before you apply it. Just put about 1/4 of a drop of moisturizer for every drop of foundation into the palm of your hand, mix and then apply the same way your normally would.

2. Find a sheer cheek stain that can also be used on eyes and lips.

Again with the sheer talk. Powders look matte and take away from the dewy glow of this look. I have recently been turned on to Josie Moran’s argon oil infused color sticks by another makeup artist friend of mine. I love these sticks because the color can be used on lips and cheeks and it doesn’t appear overly shiny, but more like a natural color to brighten up your face. Find it here.

**Pro tip: Before buying a color, look at the natural color on your lips and cheeks. The color best suited for you will be the one that matches that. The goal is to enhance natural beauty here

3. Never skip the brows and lashes.

If you’ve never heard me preach about the importance of filling in your eyebrows, I am shocked. I am a huge broken record about this, but y’all….seriously… makes the biggest difference of anything else on your face. Eyebrows are the frame of the face. Don’t forget to frame your face, even when you are going minimal.

Brows and some mascara should top of the look (I always curl my lashes too). If you are a gal who can’t live without her liner, just be sure to only apply into the lash line.

My top mascaras and brow products below:



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  1. I am SO excited for this trend! I love more natural beauty looks, especially as we head into spring and summer! Question though….you said concealer before foundation. I know there’s tons of opinions on this…is that your preference? And why? I’d love to hear your thoughts! =) Thanks!

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