How to cover dark circles

Makeup Tutorial: How To Cover Dark Circles

One of the main questions I get about everyday makeup routine is: how do I cover my dark circles? Unfortunately there is not one size fits all answer to this question. The immediate things to look at are diet, water intake and the amount of alcohol you are consuming. If you are not taking care of your insides, your outsides will reflect that and no amount of makeup will change those things.

Once that check list is covered, the next thing to think about is counteracting the blue and purple pigments of dark circles. Watch the video below to see products and my application process!

Eye creams:

If you are looking for an eye cream with caffeine to eliminate puffy under eyes, this one is great:

This is the under eye cream I use for a heavy moisture revival:




Hair Clips:

Check out my video on How To Apply Cream Blush here!

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  1. I always afraid of using too much product under my eye. Do you feel these settle into fine lines & wrinkles?

    1. Hi Amy! The key to helping prevent product from settling into those fine lines and wrinkles is the setting powder so don’t skip that step.

  2. Love the makeup tutorials. Can you do one on lipliners and lipsticks and making your lip look fuller and enhance staying power? I am fair skinned and prefer berry colored lipsticks and liners. So one with those colors would be great!

  3. Thank you so much for all your great videos and product tips! Can you share how you use the other colors in the MACpallette if at all?

    Also would love to see a brow tutorial!!! Xxoo

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