Juicing & Beauty: Why They Go Hand in Hand

I just wrote and deleted an entire blog on the health benefits of juicing and why I am incorporating it into my everyday life. It was way too many words and details and you guys really don’t care to read all of that. So instead I’m gonna lay out the nitty gritty of why I’m juicing and why you should too:

1. Beauty

The number one thing I notice when I juice on the reg is my skin. It looks amazing. Glowing, healthy, no under eye circles or zits. Juicing gives you that inner glow that makes skin, nails and hair look vibrant and healthy.

2. Body

I’m not trying to lose weight, but I’m not trying to gain any either. Juices are great snacks or even a great way to start your day and kickstart your metabolism.

3. Energy

I have a coffee problem. I should probably join a group because of it. Coffee Addicts Anonymous. However, a juice in the afternoon is a great replacement for more coffee. I specifically feel like green juices with a lot of leafy greens help energize me to keep me going or even give me a boost after a workout.

4. Health

This is the given, but it goes so much deeper than the surface level of “juices are healthy” and “we need to eat our veggies.” The reason we need to eat our veggies is because they treat so many things and give our body what it needs to function properly. For instance drinking the minted greens, Farmhouse Greens or Piedmont Pineapple juice hydrates your body and treats inflation specifically. Did you know that? I didn’t. So all this after holiday bloat? Yeah, drink some juice, nip that shit real quick.

5. Lifestyle

This is the last little tid bit of juicing that I love…..it’s a PART of your life, not the whole thing. So you don’t have to ONLY drink juices for a week to feel the benefits. Good God that sounds like hell to me. I chatted with the owner of LUMI juices for a long time before the holidays, and she actually said the binge juice thing is not as healthy as just incorporating juicing into your diet regularly. One way she suggested doing that, which I personally think is genius, is to make cocktails with juices instead of processed bullshit that contains loads of sugar. I can definitely get on board with that! She even sent the recipes below to get us all started. GENIUS.


Simple Mimosas and Sunosas:

Champagne and LUMI Wahoo Orange Juice or  LUMI Morning Sunrise Grapefruit Juice

-perfect for brunch-

**Pro Tip- throw a raspberry in the orange juice to make it festive and a mint leaf in the grapefruit – sounds weird but will bring out a ton of flavor

LUMI Margarita:

1.5 oz reposed tequila

3 muddled jalapenos

3 oz Lumi Morning Sunrise

1 oz Pellegrino.


The Wahoo:

muddled mint


LUMI Wahoo Orange Juice

splash of soda water

DON’T MISS THE DISCOUNT!!!! So, LUMI is like no other juicing company that I’ve heard of in the way they operate. When you buy a subscription to LUMI, you get 14-days or a month’s worth of juices for tons less than you would pay if you bought a juice everyday at a health food store. Not to mention that each juice is two pounds of cold pressed, organic veggies. Pretty ridic. Hilary, the owner of LUMI juice, has also been so gracious to offer our readers 30% their first month with the code LUMIvelvet. They are also shots of veggies available as well if you need that quick fix. If you have any interest in juicing or are already juicing I highly recommend trying LUMI. All of our VE girls are major fans.


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