Holiday Hairstyles That Are Stunning—and Easy

Yesterday we gave you holiday fashion options (find that here), so today we give you the hair to match! Six holiday hairstyles that would pair amazingly with any holiday fashion and are EASY! Check them out below and stay tuned to my Instagram (@velvetsedge) for easy step by step videos of how to achieve some of these styles!

Roll-UpTo create this look, use a Sarah Potempa Half-Up ($9,, a three-inch-long piece of flexible foam with a slit in the middle. Slide hair, an inch from the ends, into the slit, then roll the foam horizontally up to the nape. Secure the roll with bobby pins. The final touch? A glittery comb slid atop the roll. (Jennifer Behr comb shown here; for similar styles, go to

Side Braid

Scrunch a texturizing spray (such as Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Spray; $25, all over clean, dry hair for a tousled look. Gather hair to one side and braid. Stylist Mark Townsend wove two thicker sections with one thinner one for a modern effect. Secure the end with an elastic; cover with a bow. (This one was made from fabric-store ribbon.)

Pretty Pony

Start with a naturally wavy texture (or create it with a curling iron) and sweep hair to the side. Secure in a ponytail holder. To embellish, Townsend broke a large, sparkly hair comb into pieces, then placed them in the model’s hair and over the elastic. Need something sparkly? See our favorite picks here.

Triple Flip

Center-part your hair and pull back a narrow section from each temple to the nape. Then, secure with an elastic hairband. Flip the tail inward, through the V formed by the two strands—Topsy Tail–style. Repeat directly below with two more pairs of strands; secure and flip each pair.

High Bun

Pull hair into an elastic at the crown. Lay your thumb horizontally on the elastic. Loop a thin section of the tail over your thumb; anchor the section to the elastic with bobby pins. Wrap the rest of the tail around the loop to form a full bun. Pin in place.

Ripple Effect

Side-part and blow-dry freshly washed hair so that it’s smooth. Add waves with an iron. (If you have natural loose waves, just air-dry.) Coat fingers with gel, then form twists with small sections of hair at each temple. Secure the twists at the back of the crown with two bobby pins.

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