Does CBD Oil Really Work?

Do you guys use CBD Oil/lotion???

I’ve been thinking about getting on the CBD train for some joint aches and pains. I think mine is mostly workout related and from being on my feet all day for work, but my hips and shoulders are in some serious bad shape (wow I sound like an old lady). I was all on board the CBD train and then I read this article on Beauty Banter and now I’m ALL confused. Do you think it works?? Comment below with tips please!

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The newest ingredient to get the beauty industry buzzing is CBD oil (yes, the stuff derived from cannabis). But does it work? Or is it all just part of the marketing hype machine?

It’s important to note that many companies are putting CBD oil into products with the promise of alleviating pain (so it’s not all about getting you gorgeous, it actually has some medicinal benefits, similar to smoking pot — or so they say). One brand – which we will not call out – sent us their entire range of products, from body lotions that were meant to tame muscle soreness to face cream that was meant to, well, who really knows.

We tried the body cream on our shoulders post a very intense yoga session and felt — nada. There is a ton of research done on smoking pot and hemp and the positive effects that can have on pain, but we wanted to know why brands were suddenly putting CBD oil into lotions, serums, and the like. Does this stuff work topically, without making you feel “high” (or giving you a bad case of the munchies)?

Armed with so many unanswered questions, we asked a cannabis investor to give us the low down on whether or not CBD oil does, in fact, make you prettier (and pain-free).

“CBD does not get absorbed through your skin.” Full stop. He goes on the say that: “it doesn’t get into your blood stream and if it doesn’t get in your blood stream, it doesn’t get to the endocannabinoid system. There is no endocannabinoid system in your skin.” Translation: it’s impossible for CBD oil to work topically.

So, how does CBD actually work then? “You can ingest cbd through your lungs, sublingual, or stomach.” Yes, you can smoke it and eat it, but that’s about it.

Alas, another ingredient that isn’t worth the hype. Save your money, ladies. Stick to smoking the herb, not applying it (but note that smoking anything can cause wrinkles around the mouth area, so perhaps you’ll want to eat it…pot brownies, anyone?).

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  1. I use 1/3 of a dropper full of CBD oil (1000mg) every day for anxiety everyday and it is AMAZING! My mom introduced me to it after she started taking it for her chronic illness, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and she said it just took the edge off of her pain, like she was not thinking about it as much or as tense. I think the relaxing quality it in helps with pain so I imagine that it would have a great effect on soreness. I know a lot of athletes/fitness junkies that use it too!

    Plug: I get mine from her, she is a great person and her products are HIGH quality. She also has really competitive prices and plenty of sales year round!

  2. I didn’t buy into the beauty products that add it because I do belive that is marketing and on the trendy bandwagon. However I do take 10 drops under my tongue daily and it has helped significantly with Endometriosis pain and anxiety!! However, you have to do your research cause most are cut with flavoring and coconut oil — I use NuLeaf naturals and its allllllll pure – you can tell because you actually feel a difference when taking it as opposed to others that are cut with stupid filler stuff – so it works if you use the right stuff – as goes with anything! Xx

  3. CBD oil is my new best friend!! I don’t use it topically…I use the oil drops under my tongue for various symptoms such as pms, anxiety, digestion! Seriously it works within 20 minutes..I don’t leave home without it!

  4. I think it largely depends on the products. Just like with certain ingredients in beauty products, like hyaluronic acid or vitamin c, not all products have the same concentration or extraction methods. I have used cbd balm for my shoulder pain and have gained relief. My mom is going through chemo and uses the cbd balm to help with her neuropathy which was really severe in her hands and feet, since using it she has increased feeling in those areas.

  5. Yes, CBD does work! I have taken it for anxiety and headaches and have noticed a huge difference since. It is like taking any other supplement so it might take a week or two of taking it consistently to notice the difference. My mom also takes CBD oil for PTSD and is now off of her prescribed medications. Because she believes so much in the benefits she has started selling CBD oil that is made here in TN! She also sells a salve and other hemp facial products. Her website is if you want to check it out.

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