How to Properly Spend a Day Off

If you are anything like me, you sometimes find it difficult to let yourself off the hook and just relax. This is one of the reasons I envy European cultures. One day, I plan to live in a place that allows for 3 hour lunch breaks, complete with wine and an afternoon siesta. However, for now, I am a busy-bee American who has to talk myself into taking a break from time to time. It’s something I am really working on. I do find that I can produce a much healthier person and product with an adequate amount of rest and relaxation. So, here is my version of a chill pill. Isn’t it about time we all take one??

1. Sleep.

We’ve ALL heard it, but seriously y’all, turn off the alarm clock and just sleep in. I have found that sometimes my body just needs rest and if that means 10 hours of sleep, ok then. As long as you aren’t sleeping away weeks at a time, I think it is important to take your day off and get some rest. That 6 hours of sleep a night is just bullshit if you ask me.

2. Drink coffee in bed.

Hell, have breakfast in bed too. There is something about the slow wake up that is so wonderful and relaxing. My new favorite thing is to start my day by making a pot of coffee and drinking a cup, in bed, while reading. It’s a great way to get centered and not ask too much of myself upon waking.

3. Burn lots of candles.

I prefer anything with lavender. It seems especially calming. I light a candle in every room and let the aroma fill my entire place. There is something so soothing about candlelight too.

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 2.57.16 PM

Diptyque ‘Feuille de Lavande’ scented candle  (These may seem expensive, but they burn forever and smell delicious…totally worth it.)

4. Watch movies all day.

Between laundry, invoicing and keeping a clean house, sometimes my days off just feel like more work. Obviously we all have responsibilities, but sometimes I have to ask  myself: how important is it?? Does it HAVE to be done today? I find that I put myself on unnecessary time schedules and the truth is that my to-do list is just always going to be there. So, I’ve started asking myself ‘what do I have to do today and what can just wait until tomorrow,’ because that Parenthood marathon happening on Netflix sounds really appealing to me right now.

5. Order a pizza.

Yes, I know….it’s not on your diet plan, but come on… a little! I’m not saying let everything just go to hell, but I mean really, relax! It’s your day off and for me that means no slaving away in the kitchen to cook things like salmon and kale. I want someone to deliver greasy goodness to my doorstep.

6. Call some friends and just chat.

All of this texting and tweeting has really short-changed the beauty of a friendly converstation. There is nothing like catching up with a friend and giggling and just taking the time to talk… the old days. It is a great way to break out of the isolation of your own little bubble and remember why you even like your best friend. Gosh she’s funny! I totally forgot how cool she was….

7. Stay In.

It’s ok to not be at every social event or gathering all the time. If I have learned anything, it’s that I’m not missing that much. Some stuff is always the same and if it means I end up more tired and worn down than I was before I had a day off, it is definitely not worth it.

8. Make a gratitude list.

When I finally settle down and stop for a second, I think it is important to look around at all of the things I have to be grateful for. Sometimes in the craziness, I forget to take it all in. I don’t want to look back in 20 years and realize I just missed it all because I was moving too fast.

Maybe my ways of relaxing aren’t exactly what you had in mind, I’m sure all of you moms out there cursed my talks of sleeping in. The point is to do whatever it is that is your chill pill. YOLO baby!! Might as well enjoy it.



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