Pillow Talk

If decorating your home is not really your thing, but you want your space to look designed, try playing around with pillows. Most people want to play it safe when choosing sofas, beds and other expensive pieces. So why not have some fun with your pillows. Mixing colors and patterns can be tricky so here’s a few rules I use.

1. Use different scales. Ex: don’t use pillows with all large patterns on them. If your rug has a large pattern, use small to medium scaled patterns on your pillows. If your pillows are your only pattern use one large pattern for drama and mix in some small and medium patterns.

2. If you are mixing multiple patterns and want to add in a different color choose a solid for the ‘different color’. When I am mixing patterns I try to stay in the same family of colors. This is true even for a colorful boho design. If I am using a lot of blue and pink pattern boho pillows and I want to throw in green I will do the green as a solid or make sure that it is a small splash of green mixed in with the main color scheme.

3. For your bed pillows, mix it up. I love the three euro shams with two standard shams in front. But that’s been done and done again. Lay some pillows down and stand others up, try to sit pillows on top of other pillows. You genuinely have to play around until it feels good. (This statement can apply to many areas of your life.) šŸ™‚ On the bed below I laid the sham and sleeping pillow down and put a lumbar in front. On the right side of the bed I sat the same sham and sleeping pillow upright and used 2 20in pillows in front.

4. Use Etsy. I love shopping on Etsy for pillows. I am not being paid to say this. All of my clients have at least one Etsy pillow in their home, put there by me. I picked my favorite Etsy pillows and you can shop them directly below.


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  1. This post has come at such a perfect time! I’m currently trying to decide on master bedroom bedding. Thanks for the suggestions! Proud of you for using your God given gifts to help others.

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