Decor for the little guys!

When I think back to my childhood room all I can remember is purple – walls, a few thousand purple beanie babies, picture frames…. everything. I continued this trend into my teenage years when my two best friends and I all decided to do matching rooms in, wait for it….. purple. This is always alarming to think back on because my favorite color, for as long as I can remember, is green. If I could go back and have a chat with my teenage self I would say, “Do your room in green. Sure it is not a very girly color and yes you might stand out a little but who cares. Start becoming an individual now so you don’t have to do it so late in life.”

Too deep for an childhood interior post? Maybe. But I truly think about the details when designing for kids and teens. Playing with color, patterns and textures in a space where they spend most of their time can really stretch their little minds. It allows them to start thinking outside of the box.

So have fun in your little girls/guys room. Use materials with interesting texture, find unique objects, mix patterns and try to help them see the beauty in the aesthetics that surround them.

Here are a few products that I am loving for the girls spaces I am currently designing.


1. gray striped pom curtain | 2.pretty bedding | 3. blue lace trim curtain | 4. pink and teal pom pillow | 5. fantastic banner | 6. teepee | 7. beaded light | 8. peacock headboard | 9. floral curtain | 10. trunk side table | 11. pink spotted cowhide | 12. coral table cloth| 13. bunny lamp | 14. black and white stripe rug | 15. feather light fixture | 16. sheep chair | 17.side table | 18. spindle bed | 19. slipcovered bed (also comes in pink)

And a few other links I am loving for kids rooms!

linen duvet | euro shams | blue and white rug  | side table | boys bed | dot rug | sheep skin rug white | sheep skin rug blackfurry chair

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